March 12th to 19th, 2016, group Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Shengquan Cheng with other 4 managers went to Australia and Singapore for visiting.

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During the Australia period, our team field visited Sydney Burwood and Melbourne for real estate development project, also went to University of Sydney, University of technology,Sydney(UTS). The team negotiated with international training department of UTS,singed a contract about employee oversee training framework agreement. During the Singapore period, visiting team initial negotiated with Public Management College of Nanyang Technology University(NTU) about employee oversee training project.

Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Shengqun Cheng singing with University of Technology, Sydney

The director of creative center of international training department of University of Technology Sydney, David Robinson said UTS have deep relationship with public management department of Australia government and local enterprises. So considering our group’s training requirement, their training program will focus on land engineering management, project contract management,project cost accounting, polluted land and sludge treatment technology, and Development planning for real estate project, meanwhile, they will provide practice opportunity for our employee to on site visit Australia urban planning and land development ideal, abandon chemical facture land treatment for resident use, and land desertification evaluation project.

During the exchange period, our visiting team also promote glorious achievements and further planning of our group. UTS and NTU expressed their approval for our group willing send front-line staffs to take oversee training, as well as show the respect to our group for willing spend money on educate and expand the vision for young talent team.

Visiting team also had an academic exchange with John, the civil & construction engineering professor of UTS.